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We Design and Install TGW Conveyor and Sortation Systems in the Iowa Area

Logic Material Handling is a top distributor of TGW Systems (fomerly known as Ermanco or TGW Ermanco).  We provide conveyor and sortation solutions utilizing TGW System’s technology in Iowa.  Logic provides turnkey layout and engineering services to design a TGW Ermanco conveyor system perfectly to fit in your process flow and application.  We provide the top TGW Ermanco conveyor technology with the equipment we provide and we utilize our inhouse installation crew for a turnkey and flawless solution.  For more information on how Logic can provide your company with TGW Ermanco conveyor integration equipment and services in Iowa, please contact us at 1 (844) Logic MH or email us at


TGW Cruzbelt Belted Conveyor System in Iowa:

TGW Systems CRUZbelt is unique from any belt conveyor available today. Installation time for inclines and declines is greatly reduced due to the one-piece modular construction of
the powerfeeder and nose-over which replace conventional components. The patented, self-aligning belt take-up provides initial belt tensioning in 45 seconds. The high-quality monofilament belt is easy to track. A 97% efficient bevel gearmotor provides energy savings. Adds value while reducing cost end pulleys are 2-1/2” diameter to reduce gaps between units for small product transportation. A belt-low configuration eliminates the guard rail on floor-mounted conveyors and reduces guard rail requirements for overhead units. The CRUZ®channel seamlessly matches other TGW Systems CRUZchannel technologies – NBC XenoPRESSURE, or Intellirol.  This provides the highest quality belt conveyor solution in the industry.  For a belted conveyor system solution in Iowa, please fill out an inquiry form and we will begin designing your next TGW Cruzbelt system.


TGW’s Motorized Drive Roller (MDR) IntelliROL Conveyor System in Iowa:

TGW Systems IntelliROL motorized-roller conveyor sets the standard in material handling flexibility. Its key is the use of a motorized roller that
powers each zone or segment of the conveyor. A truly modular system that can be completely customized to meet your current requirements,
IntelliROL can be easily reconfigured to address your future needs. The unique CRUZ® frame design, with rollers mounted low, provides total protection for the
electronic components that are pre-mounted and pre-wired at the factory. An optional conveyor shroud encloses the frame and provides additional protection for the electrical components.
For the highest level of versatility and features that positively contribute to a quieter, more easily maintained system, put the power of TGW Systems IntelliROL to work for you. Plug-in installation with pre-wired beds, and pre-tested controls minimizes system start-up time. Run-On-Demand, the inherent ability to turn on an IntelliROL motorized zone only when needed,
conserves energy, reduces noise levels and greatly increases component life. Smart driver cards and photo-electric sensors can be configured for transportation, accumulation
and work-in-process operations without the need to add additional controls processors. Driver cards and photo-electric sensors come pre-wired, suitable for PC or PLC control, or with
local logic.  If you are looking for Motorized Drive Roller (MDR) IntelliROL in Iowa, Logic Material Hanlding is ready to go to work improving your handling of product.

TGW Systems Narrow Belt Conveyor (NBC) or Belt Driven Live Roller (BDLR) Conveyor in Iowa:

TGW Systems Narrow Belt Conveyor is a beltdriven live-roller conveyor that can be configured into zero-pressure contact accumulation and transportation conveyor using all the same
frame and drive components. This versatility results in equipment, installation, and overall cost-of-ownership savings. While offering excellent cost savings, NBC also incorporates high-value features as standard. The logic modules are easily selectable in the field for basic or progressive (train) release. The direct-drive belt is powered with a 97%
efficient gearmotor that reduces energy consumption. NBC utilizes CRUZ® frame with the rollers low and built-in guardrail configuration for all accumulation
conveyor. A rollers-high version is used for all transportation style conveyors.  Logic is ready to implement TGW’s NBC conveyor for your facility in Iowa.  Call us to receive a quote or get more information at 1 (844) Logic MH.


TGW Ermanco Line-Shaft Conveyor or XR40 Conveyor in Iowa:

All XenoROL conveyors are economical to install and maintain because of their efficient drive design. The more complex the configuration
of conveyors, transfers, and devices, the fewer drives are required in comparison to other types of material handling systems.
Universal joint connections allow curved sections, spurs, and transfers to be slave-driven without the need for additional motors. XenoROL conveyor rollers are independently
driven by pre-tensioned elastometric belts, which pull the drive spools against the lineshaft. The clutch-like slippage of the spool permits accumulation without damaging products
or components. TGW Systems line-shaft conveyors and accessories are easily reconfigured to meet your current demands and future challenges. XenoROL systems are quieter than conventional
conveyors due to the need for fewer drives and moving parts. TGW Systems pioneered line-shaft-driven live roller conveyor, still the most versatile and economical conveyor available in material handling.  Logic Material Hanlding is ready to handle your next TGW Ermanco line shaft project in Iowa.


TGW Narrow Belt Sorter (NBS) 30, 90, 200 Sortation Conveyor System in Iowa:

TGW’S NBS WAVE 200 sorter is the only technology like it on the market today – leading the industry in reliable high speed sortation. The NBS WAVE 200’s simplistic functionality and operation allows sortation rates of up to 200 CPM with a variety of carton sizes and weights. This innovative technology allows for reducing the average gap between products from the original 12” down to 6” recommended, with a tolerance of ±3”. With the increase in rate, the NBS Wave 200 can compete equally with shoe sorter rates at approximately 60% of the cost. The NBS Wave 200 carries product at speeds up to 425 feet per minute. The compact design allows for divert points every 48” a capability that’s ideal for today’s distribution centers. NBS Wave 200 increases throughput performance A series of narrow belts, each with its own take-up, span the length of the conveyor. High-friction divert wheels rise between the belts, accurately diverting product at a 30-degree angle.  Let us show you how we can improve your sortation process in Iowa with TGW’s Wave 200.


TGW Systems NBS 90 conveyor employs a series of narrow belts, each with a patented individual take-up. High-friction rollers raise to grip and gently divert products at a 90-degree angle right or left, on-the-fly. Continuous contact between belt and product provides maximum tracking accuracy, for optimum sort reliability. The NBS 90 carries products at speeds up to 300 feet per minute and achieves a sort rate of up to 65 cases per minute (single side). Diverts in the NBS 90 experience less product tipping and skewing, and overall superior diverting characteristics. Unstable products are successfully diverted with the exclusive limited slip-clutch design, that provides a small acceleration ramp for diverting. Reliable, accurate 65 cpm sortation Narrow Belt Sorter Energy consumption of the TGW NBS is over 87% less than belt with pop-up wheel sorter with a conventional sorter construction. This energy savings translates into less noise, belt
pull, and component wear. Energy usage is 60% less than for conventional sorters. In addition, installation time for NBS sorters is close to half of conventional sorters.  Logic can improve your 90 degree diverting process in Iowa using TGW’s top performing sortation system.


Logic Material Handling is a top tier integrator for all TGW Ermanco conveyor systems and technology.  Let us help develop your next TGW conveyor system in Iowa.  For more information on TGW Ermanco products, please call us at 1 (844) Logic MH or email us at

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