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Are you in the process of building a new warehouse or renovating an existing structure? Is your current warehouse racking system meeting your order fulfillment requirements, while also providing the flexibility to expand your operation in the future? Every warehouse facility needs to make the most of every available inch of space to maximize efficiency and remain competitive. The right industrial racking design can also help you get the greatest amount of productivity out of your team, while also enabling you to meet the demands of your customers.


Extendable and flexible conveyor systems offer a number of advantages over stationary products. The biggest, of course, is their ability to be easily adjusted to meet the needs of any job. This makes them an excellent choice in facilities where changing operating requirements demand systems that can be adapted on the fly. With an extendable or flexible conveyor system, you can:

  • Save money: A flexible conveyor system can often do the work of several different stationary systems. Use them for loading and unloading in warehouses, for moving goods in manufacturing facilities and for a number of other applications. Instead of adapting a stationary system to changing business requirements, choose an extendable conveyor that can accommodate a wider range of tasks and grow with your operation.
  • Save time: Extendable conveyor systems are easy to adjust on the fly and can meet your team where they need to be. They can be configured to work optimally with a wide range of vehicles and systems, saving time and keeping your productivity up. A flexible conveyor’s streamlined ergonomics also reduce the risk of an on-the-job accident or other workplace injury.
  • Save space: Make the most of a smaller warehouse space with a flexible conveyor. Flexible systems can be bent to work around obstacles, while extendable conveyors are collapsible for easy storage when not in use.


Logic Material Handling, Inc. offers a number of flexible and extendable conveyor systems to meet the requirements of a diverse selection of clients. Our products include:

  • Flexible gravity conveyors: Our flexible gravity conveyors are available in a variety of lengths and widths, with both skatewheels and rollers. Skatewheel conveyors are an economical choice for quickly moving lightweight cartons and other goods. Roller wheel conveyors offer additional carrying capacity and an improved ability to carry uneven or open containers.
  • Extendable conveyors: Extendable conveyors lack the ability to bend as flexible conveyors can, but they remain a good choice for use in distribution warehouses, cross-dock operations, courier terminals and shipping centers. Our products can be adjusted to a variety of heights to accommodate various size trucks and other vehicles.
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With an extensive selection of high-quality flexible/extendable conveyor systems, Logic Material Handling, Inc. is a valued partner to material handling operations around the country. We work closely with our customers to determine their needs and to suggest the product that will deliver the best combination of efficiency, convenience and value. Contact our office today to arrange a free consultation!