Design-Build Services

When your company is planning a new facility, relocation, or expansion logic has you covered with our design-build services.  We work with you to understand not only your current needs but the direction and growth plans for the future.

We take a grass roots approach of working with everyone at every level of your organization to understand and gain input on how our systems design directly affects each party.  By doing this we can mold the new facility’s design to meet the needs of every key personnel, thus creating a highly functional design.  The X factor in a material handling systems design comes from a deep understanding of our customer’s needs.  By working closely with our clients, we are able to fully understand and communicate back your facility’s process flow and goals to be achieved.  This understanding dictates the storage, automation, and software medium to be used in the concept.

We will pull together layout options for the new facility based on your application and review with your team to ensure to identify the best fit for your unique business.  After any modifications to the design, we are ready to begin the implementation stage.

Once a design concept is in place we look to see which manufacturer is the best fit for the project.  Logic is partnered with the best equipment manufacturers in the industry to provide the highest level of quality and dependability for your facility.  As part of this assessment of technology, we look at multiple manufacturers and take into consideration the financial impact, lead time, FOB location, and more.

Once the design and technology is in place, we will get the equipment on order and assign a Logic representative to track and manage your project.  This project manager will work with our installers to get the system implemented exactly as planned.

This full design and implementation of the material handling system takes the complexity out of your next project.