Horizontal Carousel


Horizontal Carousels are a goods-to-man technology, where a revolving set of bins on a track brings product to the operator. In this system the order pickers stay in the same location and the next pick comes directly to them. Light directed picking assists the operator in locating the next pick and quantity to be picked to further increase the accuracy and pick rates. This system is perfect for batch picking for order to further increase total throughput of your pick rates. While these systems can support a large range of applications, they work best in a small parts picking or direct to consumer operator.


  • Better Pick Efficiencies: More picks per operator, an higher overall throughput
  • No Travel: Goods to man technology, keeps the operator stationary and focusing on the next pick.
  • Space Savings: Can cut static storage space up to 50%
  • Flexibility: Easy to adjust inventory levels, locations, and operators workstations
  • Accuracy: Overall reduction in pick errors compared to traditional picking methods
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