Wire Partition


Wire partitions and cages are an ideal solution for customers looking to protect valuable assets or create limited access to an area of their facility. The wire partitions are designed to be highly modular, allowing customers to expand on, tear down, or relocate them easily. Each cage can be completely custom and meet any space and security requirement your company needs. There are many options for door sizes, locking mechanisms, and accessories.


  • Racking Back Stops – This system integrates in with any standard pallet racking manufacturer to create a back stop for the pallet racking system. This uses a wire partition panel to cover the back side of the pallet racking system, preventing product from falling. This product is available in a flush fit style or an offset.
  • DEA Wire Cages – We offer designs for customers needing a DEA approved wire cage to accommodate storage of schedule III-V controlled substances. These cages are customizable and will meet any of your requirements outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections 1301.72-1301.76 physical security controls. All cages come with a ceiling, self-closing/locking doors, and tamper proof hardware.
  • Building Access Cages – This style of cage is used to keep visitors from accessing the warehouse without an escort. Typically used for truck driver entrances in receiving and shipping areas, this cage can meet any company’s security requirements. Often the use of service windows are included in the design for additional functionality.
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