Full Facility Teardown and Disposal

Logic Material Handling provides a complete facility teardown and equipment disposal.  This includes fully tearing down all material handling systems, structures, forklifts, controls, and any other equipment in your facility.  Depending on the size of your facility and equipment you are looking to part with, we can often offer this service at no cost to the customer and in some instances offer them cash for the systems.  We will completely clear out your facility, making it move out ready for your landlord.  We can even work with your landlord to ensure that we are covering all lease items for turning over your old facility without penalties.

Conveyor Demolition and Disassembly:

When demoing a conveyor system for resale or reuse it is critical to properly document the complex process.  Logic has the experience and knowledge needed to fully demo your system for a relocation or for resale to help fund your new facility.

Recycle Equipment:

Some equipment has little to no resale value and we offer to scrap the system and put the recycled metal costs towards the cost of the teardown.  This is an effective way to maximize the refund for your project and get the equipment out of the facility quickly.


We will often offer value for equipment which can be used for our customers in the future.  Salable equipment is the number one way we are able to give the customer additional value for the teardown.