Automation Analysis

Every growing company will hit a point where they are looking to bring their business to the next level with automation.  Logic can help you identify if your operation is a good fit to automate some or all of your businesses processes with our automation analysis.

This is an in-depth engineering study to look at how your current operation or proposed new facility operation will work and how the use of conveyors, vertical lift modules, AS/RS, print and apply, and other automation could increase your bottom line vs. the use of traditional static equipment.

The first step in the process is to identify what your company would like to gain by automating a process.  Typically automation will increase throughput, implements a system driven decision making based on your business’ rules, increase quality control, increase safety/ergonomics, and reduce labor.  There are several areas which could benefit from the use of automation including:

  • Receiving operation
  • Shipping operation
  • Picking operation
  • Transporting product within facility
  • Packing and Quality Control
  • Direct to Consumer (D2C)
  • Tool/Equipment Storage

In this process we will work to provide a concept which will accomplish of the discussed goals, an analysis of overall system implementation cost, return on investment, and a comparison to a lower tech solution.  Further, we will break the overall investment into functional phases which can be implemented to help realize the ROI prior to committing to the next phase.  This approach has helped our customers fund their systems with the savings from the partial implementation.  To see if your organization is a good fit for automation, please click the consultation form below.