Vertical Conveyor


Vertical conveyors are an excellent solution for customers who are looking to elevate product within a small footprint. This conveyor can easily transport product between two or more levels quickly and safely. Each system is designed to your business’ space constraints using “C” and “S” shaped configurations. Allows for up to 50 units per minute and can handle totes, cartons, trays, and pallets. These systems are designed for low maintenance and a vibration free quiet operation. Photo eyes control induction and discharge from these systems and easily integrates with any standard powered conveyor.


Use a vertical lift conveyor in any application where you need to quickly and carefully move products between two levels. Our systems are suitable for everything from lightweight packages to heavy-duty pallet loads of 3,000 lbs. or more. A range of options, including various platform and frame materials, control systems and protective cladding, further expands the possibilities. Keep reading to learn more.


Logic Material Handling, Inc. is a leading supplier of vertical lift conveyors.  We supply and install a wide range of systems for customers around the country. We will work with you to determine the best conveyor for your application. Our products include:

  • Continuous reciprocating conveyors, which feature a set of platforms that rotate continuously through the system.
  • Reciprocating lift conveyors, which use a platform that transports one carton at a time.
  • Full pallet vertical conveyors, which are designed to transport pallets with heavier loads between levels.

For detailed specifications or for more information about the differences between various vertical lift conveyor types and configurations, contact Logic Material Handling, Inc.


Vertical lift conveyors offer a number of benefits for organizations in a range of different industries. These include:

  • Space savings: A vertical conveyor lift is the best system for any operation that wants to make the best use of limited space. Vertical conveyors have a smaller footprint than traditional incline belts or powered spirals, while still allowing for a high throughput of material. If you have been considering expanding your facility or moving to a new location, adding a vertical lift can be a cost effective alternative that doesn’t require a major disruption to your operation.
  • Design and installation flexibility: Vertical lift conveyor systems from Missouri’s Logic Material Handling, Inc. feature a modular design that simplifies installation and offers exceptional flexibility. Our products can be customized to your space with a “C” or “S” configuration that transports in either direction while feeding and discharging from the same side.
  • Fewer installation and maintenance requirements: Our products are low maintenance and easily integrate with upstream and downstream systems. They offer a low cost of ownership and minimal downtime for preventative service — important advantages that help make your operation more productive and profitable on an ongoing basis.
  • Improved safety and less noise: Vertical lift conveyors are designed for safe and quiet operation. Most of our systems generate less than 75dB of ambient noise, minimizing distractions on the floor and reducing the risk of an accident or oversight. Thanks to their horizontal entry/exit feed, our systems also won’t damage products while in transit.

For these reasons and more, many businesses are turning to vertical conveyor lifts instead of more conventional systems.

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Logic Material Handling, Inc. is proud to offer free on-site consultations for anyone considering adding a vertical conveyor lift to their facility. One of our team members will be happy to assess your operation and put together a quote for a fast, efficient and economical material handling solution. Call or email our office to get started today.