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Carton Flow

Carton flow is a great solution for companies who are looking to organize their products and produce better pick efficiencies. In a carton flow layout, the picking and stocking aisles are separated. Using a dedicated carton flow track for a product allows our customer to keep lot integrity by using a First-In First-Out (FIFO) storage and picking process. This application allows for specialization of labor for picking and replenishment of SKUs in the system, which can yield up to a 75% labor savings compared to static storage systems. This system also allows a high level of visibility for your picking operation and paired with a Pick-To-Light system, can drastically increase your pick efficiencies.



  • Pick Efficiencies – Drastically improve your pick rates, while realizing a reduction in picking errors
  • Time Savings – Reduces picking and stocking activities
  • Labor Savings – Specialized labor for both picking/replenishment leads to an overall reduction in labor.
  • Organization – Keeps SKUs and SKU lots separated, while giving operators a high visibility of all products


  • Consistent Widths Wheeled Track System – This form of carton flow uses multiple narrow tracks with wheels to support transporting cartons from the stocking aisle to the picking aisle. This is the most economical and common type of carton flow and is widely used in most industries.
  • Full Width Roller Track System – With the use of full width rollers on a track which simply hangs on the end of a beam, this is an easy to install type of carton flow. This is ideal for applications where cartons and totes are the same size.
  • Varying Widths Dynamic Bed Carton Flow – This style of carton flow utilizes several tracks set side by side, which creates a large track making up the entire width of the bay of racking. This allows flexibility to re-slot carton lane sizes, rather than being limited to the width of each individual track.
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