Current Operation Process Improvement Analysis

Is your organization struggling to manage operations under your current conditions, but you cannot afford an expansion?  Is your facility out of space for inventory or personnel?  Are you not able to get orders out the door in time to meet customer demand?  If this is the case you are a prime candidate for our Current Operation Process Improvement Analysis.

Almost every facility we work in has several areas where improvements can be made to positively affect their operation. In this process we come to your facility and analyze your current operation to identify constraints in your processes.  Here are a few of the areas we can help correct:

  • Cube Utilization: We will analyze the space in your facility to identify if we can increase pallet positions, personnel space, or process space. Often we can delay a facility expansion with the original footprint.
  • Safety: We look for potential area which are hazard due to equipment traffic, product falling hazards, walking paths, overhead conveyor netting protection, racking damage, and more. We have several solutions to make your facility OSHA friendly.
  • Throughput: Whether it is an upgrade to a higher rate conveyor system or implementing an order fulfillment strategy, we have the tools to help you lower your processing time, labor, and increase throughput of your customer orders.
  • Quality Issues: Our Company can identify opportunities to improve your quality control by reducing picking errors, minimizing customer’s returns, damaged product, and more.
  • Information: The majority of companies still rely on dated information management system and have a paper based operation. Logic can provide solutions to allow you to have a web enabled view of your operation and statistics, thus giving you the tools to improve every process in your facility.
  • Efficiency: Logic has several lines with a focus on energy

We will provide a roadmap for turning your operation into a well-oiled machine.  Please click below to learn more about this process.