New Facility Analysis

Growing companies all have one thing in common….eventually they run out of space!  Whether you need to expand to a new larger facility or add another facility to better serve your customers in another market, we can help.  We have worked with small companies looking for a better location all the way to the addition of a new large regional distribution center.

Logic provides everything you need to identify and decide if the new building you are looking at will be right for your operation.  It all starts by looking at what your goals are for the building.  Is this a new regional distribution center? An offsite overstock warehouse? A showroom with a small warehouse?

We will look at the facilities you are considering for your new location and develop a series of layout plans based on your basic operation.  This will allow us to compare and contrast how each facility can accommodate the material handling system plan.

The next step is evaluating the sprinkler system to identify what the max storage height is in each facility and ensure there are no sprinkler upgrades needed.  Some older buildings with tall ceiling heights have an insufficient sprinkler system to support storage heights needed to justify the building.

Further we will analyze each municipality’s permitting requirements to help uncover any hidden costs of adding a material handling system in each city.  This is an important factor because each city greatly varies in permitting complexity and cost.

These and more factors come into play, which allow us to recommend the best value facility for your operation.  To learn more about our consultation package to identify the best fit new facility reach out to us via the consultation link below.