ISO Clean Rooms


Pre-engineered quality control and ISO clean rooms are an ideal fit for customers who need a controlled environment for their product/process. We designed our clean rooms to ISO 14644-1 standards and can accommodate ISO clean room classes 1-9. A clean room is a controlled environment where the pollutant (such as dust, microbes, skin cells, aerosol), temperature, humidity, and pressure are tightly controlled and monitored. This is done through the use of HEPA filtration and a positive pressured room.

The clean rooms framing system and wall panels are made up of material more resistant to corrosion, such as anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Using pre-engineered construction makes these clean rooms flexible for future expansions while maintaining tight manufacturing tolerances, so every addition is exactly the same. We can customize these buildings to your needs including high speed roll up doors, air showers, gowning rooms, equipment, and more!


  • Pre-Engineered – Allows for multiple configurations including load bearing, two-story, and more
  • Quick Turn Around – Typical material lead times between 3-6 weeks and installation takes only a few days
  • Tax Advantage – 7 Year Depreciation vs. 39 years with conventional construction
  • Flexibility – 100% reusable panels allow for reconfiguration, expanding, or relocating a office with ease
  • Installation – All panels are shipped pre-cut to allow for a quick installation with minimal disruptions and no dust
  • Customizable – Add air showers, high speed, roll up doors, windows, and more
  • No Shedding – Built with manufacturing tolerances, so each system is identical and greatly reduces shedding
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