Push the limits of your
Storage System

This dynamic system allows for greater cube utilization by providing a dense storage solution. Pushback works by using a series of nesting carts for each pallet position, which allows one pick face for multiple pallets. When a product is loaded, it sets on the top nesting cart. When the next pallet is introduced to the system, it pushes the first pallet back using the first nesting cart with wheels and lands the second pallet on the second nesting cart. Standard systems can handle up to 5 positions deep of storage per pick face. This provides selectivity while having dense storage and keeps the forklift operator from driving into the system. This racking works on the Last-In First-Out (LIFO) basis and is perfect for operations with multiple pallets per SKU.


  • Space Utilization – Dense storage for every SKU in your operation
  • Time Savings – Reduces time for replenishment, since product is stored in bulk at each pick face
  • Selectivity – There are many pick faces allowing access to each SKU stored in bulk
  • Low Maintenance – This heavy duty system is designed to be maintenance free when used properly
  • High Throughput – This system allows operations to increase their full pallet pick rates
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