Warehouse Controls System (WCS)


A Warehouse Controls System (WCS) is a software application which directs real-time activities within your warehousing, manufacturing, or distribution facility. The WCS accesses information from your WMS or host software and directs activities based upon a set of custom business rules designed for your operation. This system gives you full visibility of your operation’s functions (picking, packing, conveyor routing, shipping, ect) as they occur and is web enabled to allow access to information off site. This system ties into your material handling technologies including AS/RS, Vertical Lift Modules, Conveyor System, RF Scanners to control the processes of these automated systems. The WCS directs order management, inventory levels, shipping activities, and provides statistic reporting on all of these processes. Perfect for a company looking to transform their operation from basic paper based processes into a highly efficient system designed around their business’s needs.


  • Real Time Data – This allows full visibility of your operation. Everything from individual cartons, picking operations, and shipping. Perfect for management of multiple facilities anywhere in the world.
  • Material Handling Equipment Control – The WCS allocates work to these sub-systems to control workload balancing and prioritizes the process flow. This includes AS/RS, Conveyor Systems, Voice/Light Directed Picking, RF Scanners, Pick List, Carousels, Vertical Lift Modules (VLM), and more. The WCS can even control and allow full visibility of inventory in these systems.
  • Inventory Control -This system manages your inventory levels and directs operators when picking, replenishment, or returns are needed. The system looks at your storage system and slots product efficiently to utilize your entire cube of space. Further, the system allows you to have multiple locations for the same SKU (ex: a forward pick location and a reserve location).
  • Picking – The WCS allows the control of multiple picking/packing methodologies. Based on your business rules this system will allow you to Wave Pick and control the release of work to the floor, group picks by order attribute, limit the wave size to balance picking activity. This system will also allow you to Batch Pick, Cluster Pick, RF-Voice-Light Directed Picking/Putting, Pick and Pass, ect.
  • Workload Balancing – This function controls your labor and order management based on pre-set priority rules. This control will keep a balanced flow of work to optimize your work and build buffer work to prevent any constraints in your process flow.
  • Automated Print/Apply & Shipping – The WCS ties into your shipping methods to automatically create ship labels, put them on the product, prepares carrier compliant documents, and can even shop for the best shipping rates. Further, this system will cartonize product efficiently in order to give you the ideal sizes and quantity to be palletized.
  • Audits and Confirmations – There is a series of redundant scan confirms which will verify the product/picks/shipments have the correct products in the system. The WCS also provides system auditing and statistics to help you improve your processes over time.
  • Dynamic Modules – You can implement each one of the modules individual or all at once. These modules are easy to customize to your changing business and you can add or remove any of these systems at any time.
  • Host/WMS Interfacing – This system can easily interface with your host software or WMS. We offer 24/7/365 support for this system to ensure that you can quickly trouble shoot any potential problems.
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