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Industrial carousels are a form of automation which replaces static storage technologies. These systems are what is referred to as a goods to man technology, where the operator stays stationary while the product travels to them at an ergonomic level. This equipment can act as a standalone system with software or it can tie into your existing ERP, WMS, and WCS systems. They reduce order errors, increase throughput, and require less order pickers to accomplish the same volume of picks as more conventional storage systems. They also allow for dense storage of products and can be designed to any heights you require, further utilizing your total cube of space available. We custom design each application which can come with different levels of accessories, such as inventory management softwarelight directed picking, RF scanning, and more based on your requirements.

OUR MAIN CATEGORIES FOR Industrial Carousels


Logic Material Handling, Inc. offers industrial carousels for customers in a variety of different industries. Our products include:

  • Horizontal carousels, in which a set of revolving bins attached to a track brings specific products to the operator. Horizontal carousels are excellent for high throughput batch picking and have been proven to improve accuracy while saving space.
  • Vertical carousels, an excellent, automated solution for organizations with limited floor space. These systems offer all the benefits of their horizontal counterparts — including significant improvements in speed and accuracy — but, by stacking items vertically, they store more with a smaller footprint.
  • Vertical lift module (VLM) systems consisting of a central extractor device and a set of trays on either side. With a VLM, operators specify the perfect height for picking, reducing strain and preventing on-the-job injuries without affecting productivity.

Not certain which type of industrial material handling carousel is best for your operation? Don’t worry. Logic Material Handling, Inc. offers free on-site consultations for all new clients. One of our team members will be happy to meet with you, tour your operation, listen to your requirements and determine the best type of industrial carousel for your organization.

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Industrial carousels give you the ability to automate your processes to an extent not possible on other systems. A carousel can be designed to allow pickers or assembly workers to retrieve items using software-based, light directed, RF scanning or other sophisticated interface systems. This reduces paperwork, improves accuracy and makes inventory management much simpler. Other benefits of an industrial carousel system include:
  • Speed and efficiency: A carousel delivers the right part or component directly to your team member. That’s an important benefit to keep productivity moving and to reduce the number of steps required to complete a task.
  • Space saving: Carousel-type systems are among the most high-density industrial storage solutions available. Because the retrieval process is completely automated, more items can be stored in a smaller space. A vertical carousel or lift module further adds to this benefit, keeping the system’s overall footprint to a bare minimum.
  • Less product loss: An automated industrial carousel is the best way to retrieve items without risking damage or shrinkage. This saves you both money and time, as your workers are more likely to retrieve a needed item in excellent condition.
  • Improved safety: The less your staff has to move to complete a job, the less chances there are of an accident. Carousel systems also ensure items are securely stored when not needed and automate the retrieval process to further mitigate the risk of injury.
  • Lower maintenance: Automated carousels are subject to less wear and tear than other types of retrieval and storage systems. That means less downtime due to preventative maintenance and less chance of a sudden breakdown that would bring your productivity to a halt.

Industrial carousels can be easily adapted to meet the needs of growing organizations. Adding additional SKUs or changing processes is simple. To learn more, contact Logic Material Handling, Inc. directly.
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