Relocation Services

Business relocation can be a stressful ordeal for any company.  Whether you are moving your small warehouse, manufacturing plant, or large distribution center there is a complex planning required. Logic works to be your single source provider for a painless relocation and plan for your material handling systems.  Our basic system works by providing the following steps:

  • Existing Facility Survey: We send a project manager over to your site to inventory all of your existing equipment. This allows us to identify what equipment can be repurposed in your new facility and what equipment may need to be removed.  Logic can offer value for any equipment our customer wishes to dispose of.
  • New Facility Design: We look at the space available in your new facility and work on drafting several potential layouts to maximize the use of space in your facility. We work with you to identify which design will work best for your operation.  From here we plug in the existing equipment which is to be relocated and identify what (if any) new equipment is needed.
  • Building Inspection: We assist you with looking into factors which can affect a successful relocation plan.  Common oversights including:
    • Verification: It is not uncommon for building CAD drawings provided by the landlord or builder to be inaccurate when reconciled with the actual building dimensions.  This is a critical component to confirming the design and plan for the new facility will work.
    • Sprinkler Systems: If you new facility has an old wet pipe system, compared to the newer style Early Suppression Fast Reacting (ESFR) sprinklers, it can potentially limit your storage height to 12’h. This 12’ storage height can be the limit even with facility ceiling heights of 30’+ if the facility does not have a sufficient sprinkler system.  This may also require expensive in rack sprinklers for older systems or customers who have a commodity product with special requirements.
    • City Permitting Issues: Some municipalities will allow your system to be installed with nothing more than a simple layout. Other require P.E. Stamped and Sealed drawings, high piled permits, structural permits, and more.  These permits and the associated drawings can add up fast.  We can work with the city to identify the local requirements and provide estimated costs to accommodate the requirements.
    • Concrete Slab: Some facilities concrete is insufficient to store load over a few thousand pounds due to size of the slab, basement or lower floor, or environmental conditions. We can work with you to identify if your slab is sufficient for the capacities you’re  trying to accomodate.
    • Column Placement: Building columns are a strong driver of your aisle size, forklift equipment, layout, and racking size.  By looking at layout prior to signing a lease it may save you hundreds of additional pallet positions.
    • Ceiling Structure: If our plan entails hanging equipment (such as conveyors and catwalks) from the ceiling, confirmation of the capacity for these hanging location is a must. This may help prevent repairs, upgrades, and landlord violations from occurring.
  • Relocation: We will come in your old facility and teardown your equipment, band it up properly, load it on trucks, and send it to the new location.  Prior to leaving your old warehouse we pound all anchors into the floor, epoxy holes (if required), and broom sweep the facility to make it move out ready.
  • Installation: We receive the relocated materials and install the system per the design provided earlier in the process. We coordinate with all other parties with the material handling equipment installation including fire sprinkler installation, electrical installation, controls engineering, and more.