Voice Directed Picking


Do you still rely on paper-based pick tickets for selecting orders? Technologically advanced pick-to-voice software will revolutionize the entire process and make your selectors much more efficient and productive.

With pick-to-voice, order selectors wear a specially designed headset that is attached to a small computer device, allowing the operator to use his or her voice to verbally issue the product information. This leaves the hands free to physically handle products or perform other essential order-selection tasks.


Voice-directed order picking software represents a significant leap forward for organizations concerned about everything from productivity to employee retention. Logic Material Handling, Inc. voice picking software has been designed to make order picking easier and more efficient, to improve your process flexibility and, ultimately, to make your operation more profitable.

Our order picking software is highly intuitive and straightforward to use. Pickers can be quickly trained on it, and will see an immediate improvement in their accuracy and productivity. As a result, our product is the ideal choice for a wide range of potential applications. Using pick-to-voice in warehouse order selection applications offers these and many other benefits, including:

  • Improved accuracy: Voice picking software has been proven to deliver up to 99 percent order selection accuracy. By eliminating distractions and making the validation process easier, pickers can ensure the right order is sent to the right place, without the uncertainty that comes with using paper-based tickets.
  • Higher productivity: With a voice-directed picking system, greater accuracy doesn’t come at the expense of speed. In fact, our products are essential to getting orders out the door faster. With voice picking, the need to stop and fill out tickets manually is eliminated. Hands-free operation means fewer wasted motions and more efficient staff.
  • Seamless integration. Too often, the fear of radical change prevents distribution centers from adopting new technology. Fortunately, our pick-to-voice software has been designed to work seamlessly with other warehouse systems, reducing the barriers to integration and allowing you to enjoy its benefits without a major interruption to your workflow.
  • Lower costs. Voice picking software can provide a significant reduction in labor costs for a growing operation. By helping your pickers be more productive, you get the most use out of your existing staff. If you’ve reached the limit of what your current operations can do with a paper-based system, switching to voice-activated picking software can save you the expense of hiring new team members.
  • Streamlined training. Voice-based picking software puts the tools and information your staff need right in front of them. With our products, there’s no need to memorize complex forms, codes or processes. As a result, you’ll see a reduction in the time it takes to train new order pickers, as well as improved satisfaction among veteran staff.
  • Less waste. Phasing out paper tickets has the obvious benefit of reducing resource use for an eco-friendlier process. This can be a powerful marketing tool when competing for new business – not only does it generate goodwill, it shows you’re committed to running a leaner operation that will be around for the long term.
  • Savings. Logic Material Handling, Inc. voice picking software can be installed for a lower price point than you’ll find elsewhere. In addition to being affordable upfront, our product will deliver a strong return on investment for years to come, thanks to the above benefits.

Want to learn more about the specific benefits a voice picking software system can have for your operation? Let one of our team members run the numbers and show you just how much you stand to gain. Call or email our office to arrange a consultation today.


Logic Material Handling, Inc.’s voice picking software platforms are flexible and versatile, allowing them to fit in easily with a wide range of operations. Use our product for order fulfillment in low-to-medium volume case and split-case operations. Our software is an excellent choice for operations with a high number of SKUs, where accuracy and productivity are essential. Use it alone or as part of an integrated material handling solution from Logic Material Handling, Inc.


We believe the best way to provide the ideal pick-to-voice order picking software for any order fulfillment operation is to get to know how the company works. Instead trying to learn about your operation by email or telephone, we’ll take the time to visit your facility to see it in action. This allows us to provide responsive, customized solutions instead of “one-size-fits-all” recommendations that don’t really work for your company. Your system design will work for you now and well into the future.

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