Line-shaft Conveyor


A line-shaft conveyor is a very cost effective solution to your order transportation and accumulation needs. This style of conveyor uses a line shaft with a series of drive spools going the shaft the length of the conveyor. These spools have a series of tensioned urethane bands which connect to the gravity rollers on the system. As the line shaft spins, it turns the spools, which in turn rotates the urethane bands on the rollers causing them to turn. The spools are designed to slip allowing accumulation without damaging product. Our line-shaft comes with an industry leading 5-year warranty. The reason line-shaft has a lower price relative to other styles of powered conveyor is in the efficient drive design. With the use of universal joints for curves, transfers, and spurs, you can slave these additional sections off of one drive without the need for additional motors. This allows for complex configurations with minimal cost in motors and controls.


Line-shaft conveyor systems are simple, straightforward material handling solutions for light-duty applications. They are generally used to handle packages up to 50 kg. that have a flat bottom and an evenly distributed load. A single motor can power up to 100 feet of rollers.  

Line-shaft conveyors typically operate at speeds ranging from 25 to 120 feet per minute. They are best suited for use in warehousing, distribution, packaging and other clean, dry and oil-free environments. Get in touch with a Logic Material Handling, Inc. representative for detailed product specifications and more information about potential applications.   


Benefits of our line-shaft conveyor systems include:
  • Low cost: A line-shaft roller conveyor is easily one of the most cost-effective material handling solutions available today. Because they require fewer motors than other systems, they are inexpensive to purchase outright and install, making them a great choice for any business that needs to expand their processing capability without a major capital investment. As well, line-shaft roller systems are also economical to operate, thanks to their low power requirements and reduced maintenance needs.
  • Ease of installation: Logic Material Handling, Inc. line-shaft conveyors feature a modular design that simplifies installation while allowing for exceptional design flexibility. Add curves, transfers, spurs and other features quickly and affordably, without extensive modification to your facilities. Our line-shaft conveyors integrate between transportation and accumulation using the same drive, and they are designed to work seamlessly with your existing systems and processes.
  • Quiet operation: Line-shaft conveyors are exceptionally quiet. A simpler, smaller drivetrain generates less noise, while the system’s belt tension keeps rattling to a minimum. That’s an important benefit for your staff — one that can lead to fewer distractions, improved accuracy and better quality control.
  • Improved safety: Fewer moving parts means safer operation and less risk of an on-the-job accident. Integrated guarding prevents clothing from getting caught in exposed parts, while the simple design and straightforward operation of our systems reduces the risk of other common accidents. In the event of an emergency, operation can be stopped simply by applying pressure to the rollers.
  • Fewer maintenance requirements: Logic Material Handling, Inc.’s line-shaft conveyor systems have few maintenance requirements. Bearings are lubricated for life, and adjusting line pressure is simple and straightforward. As a result, line-shaft conveyors keep downtime to a minimum without compromising performance and reliability.
  • An industry-leading warranty: Our line-shaft conveyor systems are backed by an exclusive five-year warranty on all equipment components. That’s peace of mind you can trust when upgrading your systems or expanding your facilities.

Despite these benefits, line-shaft conveyors are not the right choice for every application. As noted above, they should not be used in wet or oily environments, at excessively slow speeds or on an incline. Products require a flat bottom surface and must maintain contact with at least three rollers at all times to operate safely.
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