Selective pallet racking is the most popular storage medium in the world. This style of racking allows your company, whether located in Missouri or anywhere else in the United States, to have easy access to every SKU of product in your facility. The beams and uprights in this system are easy to add, remove, or relocate. This allows great flexibility for changes in your dynamic operation. While there are various punch styles available, the most common is teardrop punch. Selective racking comes in standard roll form or heavy duty structural. Selective comes with a 2” adjustability for roll form and a 4” adjustability for structural. Every punch style comes with a safety locking system to prevent accidental disengagement of the beams from the uprights.


Based in Missouri, Logic Material Handling, Inc. offers selective racking systems in a variety of styles and configurations. Each has specific benefits that make it suitable for operations with different priorities and needs. Our products include:

  • Single Deep Selective: Single deep selective racking is the most standard configuration in the industry. It allows for one pallet deep positions, making it easy to physically reach all products stored in the warehouse.
  • Double Deep Selective: For customers who use reach trucks, this style stores two positions deep for every pick face. This works well for customers who have a higher volume of fewer SKUs, but are not ready to invest in a denser storage system (such as pushback or pallet flow). Product is stored in each position on the LIFO basis and can help max out the cube of space available in your facility.
  • Wide Span Shelving Punching: We can design standard uprights with the punching style for wide span shelving (light duty applications). This allows customers to use a less expensive, light duty wide span beam, but still utilize the heights available with uprights. This application is perfect for customers who are hand stacking product in racking with very many beam levels.


Selective racking is the most popular style of warehouse racking for a good reason. A well-designed selective pallet racking system will provide:

  • Improved selectivity: With a selective racking system, your crew has immediate access to every SKU of product in the operation. When it’s easier to get the items you need, productivity goes up, labor costs go down and accuracy is improved. These benefits make selective racking the best choice for organizations in a wide range of industries who are concerned with prioritizing smooth and seamless operation.
  • Less redundancy and maximized floor space: Unlike other warehouse systems, adjustable pallet racking can be filled up to 95 percent capacity. This, in turn, minimizes floor space usage – a typical setup may take up only about 30 percent of available warehouse space.
  • FIFO inventory management: Selective pallet racking systems allow for first-in-first-out (FIFO) inventory management, making them suitable for use with perishable products that need to be turned over quickly. As a result, selective warehouse racking is an excellent choice for foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals and other fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).
  • Flexibility: A selective racking system gives your company the ability to re-slot beams for different pallet sizes quickly and easily. Individual pallets can be relocated as necessary without having to move other units. This makes it easy to accommodate products of various sizes, shapes and configurations, and to adjust to changing business requirements without a major disruption or investment in new systems.
  • Shorter lead times: Getting up and running with a new racking system quickly is an important priority in any operation. When you can’t afford extended downtime, selective racking systems are the fastest and easiest option. Our selective pallet racking systems typically have a one- to four-week lead time for standard applications. Contact Logic Material Handling, Inc. directly for more information and detailed timelines.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Per square meter, selective racking systems are the lowest-cost warehouse storage on the market today. If you want to upgrade your racking system with minimal expense, selective systems are the way to go. Free up cash while still getting a storage solution that is versatile, easy to use and designed for excellent productivity.
  • Straightforward installation requirements: Selective racking systems feature simple click-together installation, which allows for a quick setup and low labor costs when putting in new racks. Selective systems also allow you to use standard forklifts rather than highly specialized equipment, which means you don’t have to upgrade your fleet, either.

Despite the above benefits, selective racking design systems are not for everyone. They have a number of drawbacks, including low suitability for medium- to high-volume applications, increased loading and unloading times for low-stock products and limited storage heights. In fact, in high-volume, low-SKU operations, selective warehouse racking can actually lead to increased costs due to its higher warehouse space requirements.

The best way to determine whether or not a selective racking system is right for you is to speak with a specialist today. The team at Logic Material Handling, Inc. will go over your requirements and explain in detail the many options available to you. We have a long history of expertise in warehouse management and material handling, and have helped countless organizations move and store product in a cost-effective manner. We can help pick the right selective racking system for warehouses in Missouri and beyond.

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