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Slotting is the process of placing product in your warehouse at the most optimal locations for your order fulfillment operation to pick quicker. Clearly, the faster your team can get the items they need, the more efficient and profitable you will be, however, effective slotting is more than just placing the most popular items in the most accessible locations. It requires a careful consideration of a number of factors, including optimizing storage capacity, limiting the risk of damage to heavy or fragile items and keeping kitted items together.

Fortunately, sophisticated warehouse slotting software can help you manage all these variables and determine the best positioning for all your products. Logic Material Handling, Inc. uses an economically based slotting program which allows your team to visualize, simulate, and analyze your current slotting strategy. Our program fully integrates with AutoCAD to generate a 3D model of your facility for a full visual representation of the benefits of the new strategy.


Our software makes warehouse slotting simple and intuitive. We give you tools you need to visualize different configurations and optimize your inventory management. With this powerful warehouse slotting tool, you can:
  • Reduce labor costs: The biggest benefit to warehouse slotting software is its ability to reduce labor costs. When items are slotted in the most efficient, organized manner, your team is more productive without sacrificing accuracy. Slotting software can also help you store potentially dangerous items safer and more securely, reducing the risk of an on-the-job accident.
  • Increase cube utilization: The visualization capabilities of our warehouse slotting software help you make the best use of your facility by allowing you to simulate different storage and management configurations to determine the best fit for your operation. By strategically grouping items, you can improve fulfillment times without adding extra space or equipment.
  • Save money and position yourself for growth: Expanding your operations doesn’t have to involve purchasing additional warehouse space. With 3-D visualization software, you can explore options for making the most of your existing facilities, finding the hidden spaces and efficiencies you didn’t know existed.
  • Make smarter decisions as demands change: As demand for different items changes – whether due to seasonal shifts or other trends – your ability to run a profitable business is contingent on your ability to identify inefficiencies and adapt accordingly. Flexible, versatile inventory slotting software lets you explore sales data and other considerations to determine the best way to organize your warehouse, without extensive trial and error.
  • Improve product placement: 3-D slotting software lets you look at product characteristics and special handling needs to identify the best storage medium for your business. By assigning a value for each potential placement, you can quantify the benefits of different organizational options to determine with precision which is the ideal choice.
  • Minimize product loss: Effective storage is about more than just getting a product where it needs to go. A better-organized and more efficient operation will see fewer losses due to damage in transit, improved quality control and, as a result, better overall customer satisfaction.
  • Plan effectively for the future: Warehouse space optimization software will help you forecast demand in the future and identify ahead of time when additional staff or equipment are required, and when it’s time to invest in more storage space. As a result, you can be more proactive about these major decisions and act on them in a manner that keeps downtime and disruption to a minimum.

Slotting software can benefit any type of warehouse facility, whether it’s a high-turnover, low-SKU facility or a larger and more diverse operation. Our program is infinitely scalable to help you make smarter decisions in any scenario.


Use our warehouse slotting software for:

  • Optimizing Slotting Plans
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Space and Layout Planning
  • Equipment Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Benchmarking


Our system focuses on an economic algorithm, which takes three primary factors into consideration for identifying a return on investment. These include:

  • Picking
  • Replenishment Cost
  • Storage Cost


We offer a factory training program for your managers, so they have the ability to alter your slotting strategy at any time using this software. This program gives your team the skills to model new scenario to identify if any alterations are needed to your currently slotting, if a warehouse expansion can be delayed and to prepare for seasonality or an upcoming sales promotions. By identifying and slotting your fast movers to easy to access location, your business can see high productivity gains in their effort to get orders out the door faster.

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