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Efficient, cost-effective shelving systems & warehouse racking are an important part of any warehouse or storage space. Shelving units and storage racks shelving keeps your products accessible, organized and safely stored. However, not all warehouse shelving systems are created equally. Working with a supplier you can trust is the best way to ensure you get a product that will meet your requirements and provide reliable service well into the future. Logic Material Handling, Inc. offers high-quality industrial warehouse shelving systems across the country. We are one of the best industrial warehouse shelving providers in the USA. We provide superior quality warehouse shelving systems and nationwide service to clients in a range of different industries.


Logic Material Handling, Inc. carries intelligent storage solutions for parts and items of any size. Our products include:

  • Boltless shelving: Our boltless systems are our most economical and straightforward type of warehouse shelving. Boltless shelves can be quickly and easily installed in any space, and they are simple to adjust or remove as your storage requirements change.Get Vast Range Of Bosltless Shelving Catered To Your Exact Needs and requirements
  • Open/closed metal shelving: We offer steel storage /metal shelving in both open and closed configurations. Choose metal if you want a more durable and secure storage solution that still offers flexibility and convenience. Our products are customized to your needs and are available in various sizes, colors and styles.
  • Wide span shelving: Wide span shelving offers a compromise between pallet racking and conventional warehouse shelving. Use it to make the best use of available space when storing smaller and lighter items that don’t require pallet racking.

Any of our warehouse storage shelving units can be delivered with a short lead time. For quality, cost-effectiveness and exceptional performance in any application, make Missouri’s Logic Material Handling, Inc. your first choice in shelving and storage.


Matching customers with the right warehouse storage shelving system is a key goal at Logic Material Handling, Inc. A carefully chosen storage solution can do a number of things for your organization, including:

  • Optimizing space: Make the best use of your existing facility by ensuring products are accessible and organized. Warehouse shelving helps you use floor space in the most efficient manner possible by building upward rather than out.  
  • Improving accuracy: A good shelving solution will make finding and retrieving items simple. When it’s easier to visualize and reach products, picking accuracy is improved, and productivity is enhanced — important benefits in any warehouse, distribution center or other facility.
  • Managing risks: If your shelving is meant to hold heavy or dangerous items, a secure, durable system is essential. Quality shelving reduces the risk of an accident by keeping items secure and freeing up floor space to prevent trip-and-fall injuries.

The net result of the above benefits is that your organization becomes more cost-effective and ultimately more profitable. Improper installation of shelves and storage equipment, Inefficient use of space, poor quality control, lost time and on-the-job accidents are all factors that can make running a successful business difficult. While warehouse shelving may seem like only a small component of your operation, it’s an important one, and your choice of a supplier should not be made lightly.

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