Open/Closed Metal Shelving

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Metal shelving is the most standard shelving system in the industry. Available in both an open and closed configurations, this system allows you to have continual flexibility for adding new units and/or re-profiling your product slotting. Logic Material Handling, Inc. is your source for superior open and closed metal shelving units that can meet your facility’s unique storage requirements. We proudly serve the material handling needs of companies in Missouri and throughout the United States.

We Offer Custom Metal Shelving Units Designed to Your Specifications

Understanding that no two companies are alike, we focus on providing custom metal shelving products that offer a targeted solution for each customer. We can design these systems to meet your product’s weight and size. We offer a wide range of accessories, colors, and styles. Our custom metal shelving comes with a short lead time and can be installed quickly.

Our Expert Metal Shelving Design Services

Our custom metal shelving design process typically begins with an on-site consultation at our customer’s facility. This allows us to see your operation in action and get a better idea of your shelving requirements. We’ll then get to work on the ideal design for your needs and budget. Our process ensures your finished product will exceed your quality and performance expectations.


Fast, Efficient Installation

We can also provide complete installation service for your custom metal shelving. We have our own in-house installation team that will come to your facility and handle the entire process from start to finish. For larger projects, we’ve established a nationwide network of strategic partners that we work with to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. No shelving installation job is too large – or too small – for Logic Material Handling!


Whether you choose an open or closed metal shelving units from us, you’ll get:
  • Low Cost – This storage style is a lower cost option vs. pallet racking for small parts
  • Short Lead Time – Standard items have lead times from 1-2 weeks
  • Flexibility – The ability to add, remove, and re-profile easily

You’ll also be served by an experienced, capable material-handling solutions provider that can offer a creative, solution at a budget-friendly price. We offer superior products and services at a much lower cost than our larger competitors, allowing you to save money without sacrificing quality or performance. Our solutions will enable you to manage your facility more efficiently, which will have a positive impact on what matters the most: your bottom line.


Many of our customers are unsure whether closed or open metal shelving is the right choice for their business. Closed metal shelving units provide the following:

  • Enclosed backs and sides offer greater stability and increased protection for stored items
  • A cleaner, more finished look that adds aesthetic appeal
  • Back panels can be affixed to posts, enabling the creation of back-to-back shelving units that can be bolted together
  • Ability to add options such lockable doors for added security

Advantages of an open metal shelving configuration include:

  • Absence of metal sides and backing requires less material, making open shelves the more economical alternative
  • The lighter weight makes open shelves easier to handle and relocate within your facility if necessary
  • The inclusion of back and side bracing can improve stability, while still maintaining a low project cost
  • Easy-to-fasten back braces can minimize lateral sway
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A great way to learn more about our custom metal shelving solutions – with no risk – is to contact us to arrange a no-obligation, on-site consultation. We’ll be happy to come to your facility, whether you’re in Missouri or anywhere else in the USA!