Shoe Sorters


Shoe sorters are the ultimate in efficient high-speed sortation for operations that require a high throughput. Use a shoe sorter conveyor to separate cartons of varying sizes with speed and accuracy. They are an excellent choice for sorting fragile or delicate products in warehouses, shipping centers and manufacturing facilities for a wide range of industries.


Shoe sorter conveyors feature a bed with a series of aluminum profiles that create a flat surface for moving products. Each profile has a sliding shoe attached to it, which is used to divert the product to a dedicated destination lane. When the destination lane is reached, the shoe is electronically activated, gently pushing the product where it needs to go in one fluid movement.

A high-speed shoe sorter sortation system can handle up to 10,200 cartons per hour and by design allows for a smooth transition while diverting at these speeds. This system can be designed to divert product in a single direction or bi-directional depending on your application’s needs. The shoes on this system are made for easy removal, which makes it easy to maintain with a minimal amount of downtime.


Shoe sorter conveyor systems offer a number of advantages in organizations with a diverse product line and complex distribution needs. A high-speed shoe sorter:

  • Is an excellent choice for sorting products of varying sizes, shapes and weights with precision. Their gentle movement also makes them suitable for use with fragile products that need to be handled with care.
  • Offers high-speed operation, handling up to 10,200 cartons per hour without sacrificing accuracy. Sliding shoe mechanisms are triggered automatically by electric divert switches, which allows them to attain sortation rates much higher than manual systems.
  • Provides a flat surface for smoother operation. If a product spills or is accidentally knocked over, productivity won’t suffer
  • Can be configured in multiple ways, including single- and bi-directional setups, to meet the specific requirements of your facility and help you make the best use of space without requiring major modifications.
  • Is easy to access for maintenance and repair purposes. Unobstructed components reduce the amount of time – and resulting labor costs – required to perform basic preventive service.
  • Is a modular system that can be expanded or modified as necessary to meet the changing needs of your operation. This helps you grow in a more responsible manner, making the most of your existing space without having to move to a larger facility.

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Industries and Applications

Shoe sorting conveyors are the smart choice for product distribution centers anywhere in the United States. Thanks to their accuracy, speed and gentle handling. Use them in any application in which high volumes of potentially fragile product need to be sorted quickly and with precision. Aside from distribution centers, shoe sorter conveyors are also useful in manufacturing plants.

Specific industries that can benefit from conveyor sorter systems include consumer products, pharmaceuticals, personal care/health and beauty products, electronics, foods and beverages, and more. Because shoe sorter conveyors are highly flexible, they can be easily configured to meet the needs of almost any application.

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