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Vertical carousel storage systems offer a dynamic material handling alternative for warehouses that don’t have much space to go outward, but have plenty of room to go upward. Vertical carousel storage systems also offer the benefit of automation, which can significantly reduce time and labor costs.

Logic Material Handling, Inc., can provide your order fulfillment center with a cost-effective vertical carousel storage system. You’ll find our customized solutions are priced lower than the competition, without sacrificing the quality and performance you need to succeed in a competitive industry. Keep reading to learn more, or contact one of our team members to request a free consultation and quote.


A few of the many advantages that a vertical carousel storage system can bring to your warehouse operations include:

  • Accuracy: One of the biggest benefits of a vertical carousel storage system is that, by making products available at the most ergonomic level, they improve overall picking accuracy without compromising productivity. Coupled with a paperless picking system, they can deliver significant performance gains in any operation, improving your labor costs and allowing you to process more without hiring additional staff.
  • Throughput: Higher throughput is the corollary to increased accuracy. Whereas static warehouse shelving products/systems offer typical pick rates of up to 40 line items per hour, a well-engineered vertical carousel can deliver triple that, allowing individual workers to pick as much as 120 items in the same amount of time. Shorter picking times translates to greater productivity, which in turn helps you run a more profitable business.
  • Space: Finding space to grow responsibly is one of the biggest challenges for warehouse operations. Moving to a new facility or leasing additional space requires a major capital investment many businesses can’t afford. At the same time, you don’t want to turn down opportunities as they become available. Vertical carousel storage systems maximize available storage areas by looking upward. Not only does this allow you to do more in a smaller facility, but it also makes your operation safer by eliminating clutter in high-traffic floor areas.
  • Control: Vertical carousels simplify the process of managing and controlling inventory. Our automated systems are paperwork-free and put precise controls right at your fingertips. Not only does this allow you to fine-tune your processes to adapt to changing business needs, but it also makes training new staff fast and easy.
  • Security: Vertical lift systems can minimize product loss and mitigate other risks more effectively than conventional storage solutions. Our systems allow for complete lockdowns and can be paired with advanced video, RFID and biometric control systems to prevent unauthorized access. This also reduces the risk of an on-the-job accident by keeping heavy items secured in place when not in use.
  • Flexibility: Logic Material Handling, Inc.’s vertical carousel storage systems feature modular construction that offers maximum design flexibility. Our products seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, allowing you to enjoy all the above benefits without a major overhaul of your processes. As a result, it’s easy to improve your operation by going vertical — let us help you determine the best solution for your needs.

For these reasons and more, an increasing number of businesses are turning to carousel storage systems to help them grow safely and in a more responsible manner. Use them to reduce life-cycle costs, maximize productivity and improve safety, security and control over your critical processes.

A vertical carousel storage system from Logic Material Handling, Inc. can be a smart investment for any warehouse, manufacturing plant or related business. We specialize in products that are tailored to your requirements, offering longevity and a fast return on your investment. To get started, contact our office to arrange a free consultation from one of our warehouse storage experts.


Logic Material Handling, Inc. has the expertise to custom-design a vertical carousel storage system that is ideal for your warehouse operation. We’ll take the time to gain a full understanding of your current systems, and we’ll work closely with you throughout the design process. We’ll also take care of the entire installation process for you, saving you time and headaches.


Logic Material Handling, Inc. proudly serves the order fulfillment needs of companies across the United States. Many of our products also include a lifetime limited and/or an industry-leading warranty for your protection and peace of mind. We’ll be happy to provide a free vertical carousel system consultation at your facility. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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