Automatic Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS)


Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) are highly engineered goods-to-person systems that provide an efficient automated fulfillment solution for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors. An AS/RS can pair with your warehouse controls system (WCS), enterprise resource planning system (ERP), or independent programming to automatically put away pallets or units and retrieve them without any human interface. The AS/RS finds the best available storage location based on space availability and planned use of the product.
The AS/RS system uses a type of racking for the storage of goods and cranes in each lane, which puts away goods on any level within the row. When paired with an automatic or manual scanning system and conveyor, this solution offers the fastest throughput of product with the least amount of labor possible. An AS/RS also enables you to use space more efficiently. You’ll be able to maximize storage density by placing your racks closer together and increasing your rack heights well beyond those of any other storage medium. An AS/RS also requires no overhead lighting to operate, which can result in significant energy savings.


An automated storage and retrieval system is perfect for applications where a large volume of product is moving in and out of your facility. It is also an excellent choice for operations that feature no additional processes other than storage and transport. Additionally, an AS/RS works well in material handling operations that require pinpoint accuracy to minimize the risk of damage to the load. Industries that make widespread use of automated storage and retrieval solutions include chemicals, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and various types of manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment entities.


  • Reduced labor costs: Perhaps the biggest benefit of automating your storage and retrieval functions is the need for less human involvement, which can result in substantial labor cost savings.
  • Increased safety: Because your workforce will be less involved in manual material handling processes, you will lower your risk of workplace accidents and create a safer environment.
  • More storage space: Transitioning to an AS/RS allows you to gain more storage space without having to bear the expense of expanding your facility or purchasing an additional warehouse.
  • Increased operational efficiency: An AS/RS can increase the efficiency of your order-fulfillment process by establishing a stronger link between order processing and logistics management.
  • Adaptability: An automated storage and retrieval system offers the flexibility for easy adaptation to small and large products. You’ll be able to tailor your system to your specific material handling applications.
  • Enhanced inventory control: The AS/RS provides access to a wealth of valuable data that warehouse and logistics managers can use to control inventory and maximize storage space utilization. You will be able to provide better service to your customers by reducing out-of-stock items and being better prepared to react to changing markets demands.

Potential automated storage and retrieval system drawbacks include:

  • Implementation costs: As with any new system implementation, there is a cost associated with an AS/RS installation. However, most companies discover that the increased efficiency will quickly offset the cost, resulting in a fast return on investment.
  • System maintenance: An AS/RS will require regular routine maintenance to keep it in peak operating condition. Choosing a high-quality, well-designed system will significantly reduce your maintenance and ownership costs over time.


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