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We Design and Install ISO Cleanrooms in The Boulder, CO Area

Logic Material Handling is a leading nationwide provider of pre-engineered cleanrooms and quality control rooms.  A clean room is a controlled environment where the pollutant (such as dust, microbes, skin cells, aerosol), temperature, humidity, and pressure are tightly controlled and monitored. This is done using HEPA filtration and a positive pressured room.  We can design your control room to any size, shape, and cleanliness you require.  Pre-engineered construction allows for a very fast and clean installation.  This type of buildout will depreciate over 7 years as a piece of equipment, unlike conventional construction clean rooms that depreciate over 39 years.  Our expert engineering team can provide you with a perfect clean room solution in Boulder, CO.

We have a inhouse project management and installation team to make sure your implementation of carton flow shelving is flawless.

We design, provide equipment, and installation for your custom pre-engineered cleanroom buildout for your Boulder, CO based company.  All our design, layout services, and application consulting is FREE! Contact one of our Boulder, CO applications engineers for a cleanroom quote at 1 (844) Logic MH or email us at

We Provide the Following ISO Cleanrooms for the Following Industries:

  • E-Cigarette Manufacturing
  • Cannabis Cultivation Rooms
  • IV Rooms
  • USP 797 Compounding Labs
  • USP 800 Clean Rooms
  • GMP Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Gown Rooms
  • CMM Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Printing Rooms
  • Quality Control Rooms
  • Paint Rooms
  • Microelectronic Manufacturing

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