ISO Class Clean Room Designs By Logic MH


Logic Material Handling is a design build provider of pre-engineered clean rooms. A clean room is an enclosure that is a controlled environment where the temperature, pressure, electrostatic, and contaminants are tightly monitored and controlled. We implement positive pressure in the room where air runs through Hepa filtration into the room and is release near the floor. From here the clean air will either be recirculated back into the system (cleaning clean air) or will be released outside of the office (help clean the external environment). We offer a full array of products to complement the clean room including lighting, storage carts, furniture/fixtures, and more. Our designs include gowning rooms, air shower chambers, high speed doors, and any other clean room your business requires.

Clean rooms are often used in the pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, aerospace, or food industries. Our non-classified clean rooms are perfect for any business which requires a controlled environment, such as a quality assurance room, but do not necessarily need a clean room.

– Pre-Engineered Construction is cleaner than conventional construction. No shedding of wall materials occurs.

– Built with manufacturing tolerances, so every addition you make is the exact same look, feel, and cleanliness.

– Designs for ISO classifications 1-9

– Depreciates in 7 years vs. the 30 plus of conventional construction

– Flexible design for future reconfiguration, tear down, or relocation.

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